Use our vast connector portfolio to quickly and easily connect and access disparate data sources anywhere and make them available for your business analysis.

Connect Data


With BIRD’s low-code/no-code transformation capabilities, all users can process and enrich their data without technical expertise and make it ready for analysis.


Build data models over big data, encouraging complex relationships using join tables, and delivering lightning-fast performance with scalable materialized views.


Discover new insights and monitor the health of your business through our dynamic and interactive visualization suite.


Build your organization foresight capabilities with BIRD predictive Analytics. Become proactive in responding to changing conditions and discovering hidden business opportunities with our machine intelligence capabilities.

Platform Overview



Pre-built Connectors

With BIRD, you have access to the broadest range of structured, semi structured and unstructured data sources


Ease of access

Our native connector portfolio allows you to connect and access your data seamlessly regardless of the source, volume, or location of your data.


Change Data Capture

BIRD's efficient and optimal Change Data Capture (CDC) mechanism, lets you gain real time insights from any data source



Flexible UI

BIRD's drag-and-drop interface makes it easy for any user to get data from multiple sources onto a single arena


No Code

Format, transform, and shape your data without the need of any code. Derive high quality data using our out of box transformation functions.


Real-Time transformations

Perform complex transformations and add new parameters for analysis on the fly



Single source of truth

Unify business data spanning across all functions of your organization with BIRDs Business model


Multi Source Model

Join data from varied sources whether it is databases, Flat files or IOT devices through a drag drop UI.



Build Complex relationships by joining multiple tables with a simple drop-down feature.



Powerful Visualizations

Choose from BIRD's collection of over 80+ best-in-class visualization portfolio to create insightful dashboards.


Interactive Analysis

Use wide range of interactive options such as powerful drill downs, filters at dashboard and report levels, ranking and sorting to perform exploratory analysis on data.


Alerts & Action

Use BIRD alerts to immediately react to changes in your data. Our data driven alerts empower you to proactively monitor your business and take timely actions



Establish collaboration by sharing the dashboards/reports you have created with your colleagues. Define the access control of the data that your colleagues can see.


Flexible embedding

Embed your dashboards/reports and make them accessible to the users with or without login



Predictive Analytics

BIRD's ML studio offers a portfolio of best-in-class machine learning models to discover and predict upcoming trends on your business metrics. A faster 4-step analysis to create predictive insights on any dataset from any data source


Smart Insights

Run the smart insights analysis on any performance metric and understand the key influencers affecting the metric.


What If Analysis

Perform simulations by the combination of changing scenarios of Key influencers and gauge the changes in the outcomes.

Scalable, secure, and flexible data integration

A seamless integration data pipeline that fits into your business model and existing tech stack.

Smart Search

Discover insights by asking questions in Natural language. Get meaningful insights through powerful visualizations and take actionable business decisions swiftly.

Embedded Analytics

Our flexible APIs, white labeling features, and automation at multiple steps make it easy for you to integrate our analytics stack seamlessly within your application in 2-3 weeks.

Data Governance

With the help of BIRD's data governance tools, you can keep control of all your data and restrict users' access to it. By using tailored data permissions to control access to particular data, you may securely store sensitive information at scale.

Mobility on the go

Access your data, analyze on the move and
get your insights on any device anywhere
in real-time.

Flexible deployments

Have ultimate freedom to determine your deployment strategy. BIRD Analytics versatile deployment options support single-tenant, multi-tenant on any cloud or on-premises.

Extensibility & Auto Scalability

With BIRD's robust APIs, extend or integrate BIRD with low code/no code into your applications. Our scalable solutions easily adapt to meet the peak demands of increasing data, users, and complexity of use cases.

BIRD is the fastest Big Data analytics platform offering full-stack BI & AI-driven analytics