An actionable intelligence platform for every business team to make insight-driven decisions

Predictive Analytics

  • BIRD’s ML studio provides a selection of industry-leading machine learning models to find and forecast future trends in your business metrics
  • A quicker 4-step analysis to produce predicted insights on any dataset from any data source
  • Software enables even the least tech-savvy corporate team to use machine learning to boost performance
  • BIRD provides ability to assemble data from various sources, use previous data to comprehend trends and patterns, and estimate the future
  • Our algorithms can predict consumer behavior, forecast your sales KPIs, identify the most profitable categories, and understand user attitude

Auto ML

  • BIRD's AutoML, or Automatic Machine Learning, gives consumers a straightforward, code-free experience while delivering the power of machine learning
  • The best algorithms are used to create machine learning models using BIRD's AutoML, which finds important drivers in your historical data
  • Once you've determined your goal KPI, execute the autoML analysis. Choose the best-performing ML model for your data collection by scoring and ranking various models
  • Make predictions, characterize potential outcomes, and make well-informed decisions by identifying the primary drivers that affect your goal KPI