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Bespoke Solutions

A versatile platform to suit any domain or function. We are proud to say that we are business domain agnostic. Build tailor-made solutions to meet your business needs. ``Take Action from Insights Powered by BIRD.``

Real Time Analytics

Get your insights at the speed of thought. BIRD provides real-time analytics on data acquired from any source. All reports and dashboards can display and be updated with real-time data, empowering users to be agile and make timely, informed, and strategic business decisions.

Proactive Analytics

Transit from Reactive to Proactive analytics.
Expert insights for everyone, without the need of a data science team. Be agile to rapidly changing market conditions with the power of machine learning in the hands any user regardless of technical expertise.

Eliminate Data Silos

To eliminate data silos , use BIRD's extensive connector portfolio to get data from any source. Use the BIRD data hub to centralize your data and get a single source of truth.

Accelerate Insights / Faster time to value

With BIRD's seamless full stack solution, you can reduce your BI team's efforts and shorten the time to insights. Whether you build on your own or choose a full-service package, expect your first version to be up and running in days.

Scalable and Flexible

Powerful, distributed analytics that provide consistent, real-time performance for any number of users and customers. BIRD enables elaborate customization and highly flexible low-code or no-code integration with any technology stack.

Embedded Analytics

Seamlessly integrate our full-fledged analytics stack or embed our interactive dashboards and ML Studio within your application or web portal using single sign-on or SAML authentication. Our flexible APIs, white labelling features, and automation at multiple steps make it easy for you to integrate our analytics stack in 2–3 weeks.

Flexible Deployment

With BIRD there is no limitation on your cloud strategy options. We are cloud agnostic and can be deployed in any environment from on-premise to cloud.

Analytics anywhere

Bird's flexible, easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface is compatible with all devices. On the go, access and interact with powerful features like drill down and top and bottom slicers via your phone or tablet. Share your discoveries with the other users from anywhere and on any device.

BIRD is the fastest Big Data analytics platform with its event driven, scalable, distributed, columnar engine architecture

Ingestion Speed
Batch Data
Retrieval Speed
3.8 S
RealStream Data
Retrieval Speed
50 K
Concurrent Users

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