BIRD Analytics is a fast, high-performance, AI-driven full-stack analytics platform to generate deeper insights powered by advanced ML models
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Start your journey with the right platform.

Leverage the power of machine learning to adapt quickly to shifting market conditions regardless of technical proficiency, Anticipate the future business  trends and challenges

“Go from Reactive to Proactive”
The seamless full stack solution from BIRD will make your BI team’s work easier and reduce the amount of time it takes to gain insights. Whether you choose a full-service package or decide to develop it yourself, anticipate having your first version operational in just days

“Shorten your journey from data to insights”
A platform that provides customized solution to any industry or business function. BIRD is a business domain independent AI solutions platform

“Take Actions Based on BIRD-Driven Insights”
Every report and dashboard has the ability to show and update with real-time data, giving users the flexibility to act quickly and make well-informed business decisions

“Foster Real Time Active Intelligence”
There are no restrictions on your choice of cloud strategy with BIRD. We are cloud-neutral and can be deployed on any cloud like AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure. Analyze your data in-house. BIRD can be installed in your own servers on your premises

“Your Data, Your Decision”
BIRD offers flexible deployment choices, adaptability, mobility, and flexibility that modern analytics demands thanks to our flexible architecture and that implies improved insights for your business and a lower TCO. As firms expand and requirements change, the process of implementing analytics and maintaining them is iterative. Any modification entails time, people, data, etc. costs. It’s crucial to take “change cost” into account

“Keep your change cost low with BIRD”

Explore BIRD Features

  • A unified, seamless and integrated AI solution that combines data ingestion, data management  and data science
  • BIRD has best in class machine learning models to identify trends, create what-if scenarios, comprehend clusters, and obtain visualizations that are ideal for your business scenarios
  • Profit from precise, dependable predictive models in only a few days by integrating our no-code machine learning solutions
  • Discover BIRD’s “Google-like” search, which enables you to ask questions about business in everyday language and receive immediate responses
  • Insights are provided as responses to inquiries in the form of reports and widgets
  • Generate insights at the speed of thought, spend less time looking for information, and more time making decisions
  • Insightful reports and dashboards can be created using BIRD’s vast collection of top-notch, potent visualizations
  • Drill downs, contextual filters, the ability to explore underlying data, and many other dynamic and interactive choices are available for ad hoc exploratory investigation
  • Make your dashboards specific to the business indicators that matter to you
  • Monitor any anomalies in your KPI data in real time from any device using BIRD’s Alerts
  • Set thresholds and get notifications when data doesn’t match what you anticipate
  • Users are alerted to potential problems by integrating anomaly monitoring; they can then do quick further analysis to gain the necessary insights and take appropriate action
  • Dashboards that are interactive and adjustable and leverage real-time data to create a story and make analytics more intelligible
  • Enables business users to access and analyze the insights, freeing up technical experts to concentrate on more strategic tasks
  • Search, choose, drill down, or zoom out to locate the answer or to swiftly change your focus if something catches your eye
  • Every action instantly updates every interactive graph, table, and item to reflect the current situation
  • We connect to all your data utilizing BIRD’s built-in 100+ connectors library, regardless of whether your data source is relational or non-relational, structured or unstructured, or whether your deployment is cloud-based or on-premises
  • By facilitating access to various data assets, BIRD enables you to escape your data silos and generate novel insights
  • The drag and drop interface provided by BIRD speeds up data integration by doing away with the necessity for manual coding
  • Non-curated external data sources can be cleaned, improved, and standardized with BIRD’s intuitive, user-friendly workspace interface, saving hours of manual data preparation effort
  • Data from various sources within the organizations are combined to create a single source of truth
  • Streamline business operations and provide a connected business solution by integrating data from Finance, Sales, Marketing, and other departments
  • Create data access policies that control who has access to a particular set of data for both individuals and groups using BIRD’s tailored data permissions
  • Securely grant users and organizations access to sensitive information by adding protection down to the column and row levels of the data
  • Using unified audit logs, examine analytics usage to better understand user behavior and increase accountability
  • Using iframes or APIs, seamlessly integrate BIRD into your current website, portal, or app
  • Embed decision-supporting interactive reports and dashboards into the application workflow
  • Provide a complete white-labeled analytics solution with your brand name on it to boost user adoption by guaranteeing brand coherence and a smooth user interface
  • Access your data, reports, and dashboards from phones and tablets and interact with them
  • Due to BIRD’s real-time data synchronization, stay up to date with crucial business insights accessible from anywhere on any device
  • On the go, share insights with your team and equip them with the knowledge they need to act quickly and confidently

Harness your data and derive insights at lightning speed with BIRD's event-driven, scalable, distributed, columnar engine architecture



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