Collaborate inside or outside your organization. Share real-time insights across teams and deliver value to your customers and partners with embedded analytics

Platform Embedding

  • Integrate BIRD platform seamlessly with your portals or existing analytics platforms and systems using APIs
  • Manage data, reporting and visualization​ needs
  • Govern user and data security
  • Accelerate development and time-to-market

Flexible Embedding

  • With iFrames, embed Storyboards, Reports, ML Studio, and AskBIRD right into your website or application

White labeling

  • Delivery of BIRD as a fully White Labeled standalone application
  • With BIRD's White Labeling, you can integrate analytical capabilities from BIRD into your business apps and solutions for your users and clients
  • You can alter the BIRD UI to showcase your business's distinctive identity and fit your brand's aesthetic preferences
  • By ensuring brand coherence and a user-friendly interface, offer a full white-labeled analytics solution with your company name on it to increase user adoption
  • You can alter the application's colour scheme, replace the BIRD name and logo, and more