Embedded Analytics for OEM

Extend your product to offer advanced analytics capabilities

Add advanced analytics to your offerings and meet your customers’ expectations. BIRD will get you there in the quickest time and the least cost

Embedding with BIRD

Advanced analytics platform

BIRD is the most advanced Big Data analytics platform in the market today with features such as Out-of-the-box ML models, Real-time/Real-stream insights, NLP, Auto-association of data, etc. It is the ‘fastest performance’ platform in this space and is powered by a scalable, distributed and event-driven architecture.

Extremely quick to integrate

With its APIs, white labeling features and automation at multiple steps, it is extremely easy to integrate BIRD with your platform. In 2-3 weeks, you can start offering best-in-class analytics to your customers.

Cost effective

Given BIRD's full-stack capabilities, from data preparation to final insight, and its efficient architecture, the total cost of ownership with BIRD is typically 50% lower when compared to other products.

Customizations and value-added solutions

We understand that every product company’s requirements and market needs can be unique. Therefore, we offer our high skilled team of technologists, data scientists and developers to build advanced modules and algorithms for specific needs.

Learn how a tech company rapidly added Big Data analytics capabilities to its solution using BIRD

Examples of types of tech platforms that have embedded BIRD

ERP and CRM products
Project management tools
Data management tools
Revenue and billing software
OTT platforms
Help desk software
HIMS and LIMS software
Warranty management
Supply chain management
IOT platforms

BIRD is the fastest Big Data analytics platform offering full-stack BI & AI-driven analytics