Augmented Analytics

Revolutionize the way you discover insights


Auto-drilldown feature eliminates the need to build hierarchies and very simply improves the self-service analysis


NLP - Use simple English statements to generate reports


Augment your discovery multi-fold with the predictive insights. Multiple ML models run on your data to fetch deeper insights automatically

Deeper and faster insights with ML workbench

Multiple out of the box models such as regression, deep neural nets, decision trees, clustering, text analysis, and others are available for the user to get insights from.

Improve model accuracies through data transformation and feature engineering available in the platform

Create a solution that address your use-cases using customized ML models

Our in-house data science team with experience in the entire spectrum of ML, will work with you to understand the context and use-case.

The workflow to achieve the final model will involve data prep, feature engineering, model tuning, deployment and addresses concept drift.

Data Analytics

BIRD is the fastest Big Data analytics platform offering full-stack BI & AI-driven analytics