Get the power of real-time analytics of complex business data

For most, analytics of complex business applications means a data warehouse is required, even though the resulting reports and query results will still be hours or even days old. This assumption was true before. But it’s not true anymore.

BIRD offers unique analytic technology that opens the door for a more powerful—yet simpler—approach to enterprise analytics. This approach reduces the time it takes to build and iterate on complex analytic applications and encourages users to easily dig into and analyze the data on their own.

BIRD provides power to users to make better business decisions by readily accessing up-to-date information stored in multiple databases and building the high-performance reports they need, on their own, in real-time.

With BIRD’s unique way of handling, complex joins between entities on its scalable and powerful analytics platform, which:

  • Eliminates the need for a traditional data warehouse and its associated star-schema iterations and relational based queries
  • Allows users to easily aggregate and secure complex data
  • Enables viewing of complex joined data in real-time across all users
  • Empowers non-technical business users to access a centralized data repository to analyze the data any way they want, on their own, in real-time with a simple Google-type of search capability. No training needed for end users
  • Delivers lightning-fast performance on complex data compared to other solutions

Product Architecture

DATA ACQUISITION :  We acquire your data sets from ANY source (batched data, streaming data, Webservices etc.) and sync with a Warehouse in real-time.

DATA WAREHOUSE :  The data is loaded into our central data hub with ease. Changes in source data are synced in real time with change data capture.

DATA TRANSFORMATION (ELT) :  This data is run through an integrity check where duplicates or errors are corrected.

DATA MODELING :  Data is transformed & models are created based on your business.

VIZ SUITE :  Our Viz suite offers interactive, customizable dashboards to tell a story with your data.

PREDICTIVE INSIGHTS :  Finally, our AI & ML technology that turns the data into actionable & easy-to-interpret insights.

Ingestion Layer

Connect to all your sources and leave no data behind

For complete business insights, an analytics platform needs to easily connect to any source of data (flat files, databases, streaming data, web services, bigdata, logs etc.) , add new data, make changes to existing data in real-time.

With a broad range of inbuilt connectors portfolio you can be rest assured that all your source data is analyzed in real-time with a complete change data capture (CDC)

Transform & Model

The primary bottle-necks to speed and agility when it comes to analytics are the tedious processes of transforming/ re-shaping/flattening the data and creating complex joins. BIRD’s architecture overcomes these hurdles by:

  • Doing 1:1 mapping of the entities from sources. Following ELT vs ETL, which moves the transforming complexities on the bigdata layer instead on the source systems. Powerful change data capture (CDC) configuration settings allow it to fit to any business needs to see data in real-time.
  • Delivering sub-second aggregations and filters across complex relationships, allowing analysts to slice/dice and summarize data through dashboards, at the speed of thought
  • Ability to perform data modeling on top of bigdata layer, encouraging complex relationships featuring join tables while delivering blazing-fast join performance through scalable materialized views

Visualization Layer

An extensive library of world-class visualizations with drill down capabilities. Use a range of interactive options like view underlying data, contextual filters, and many more, to perform exploratory analysis.

Enterprise ready – Share your storyboards with any user across the organization without compromising data security. BIRD enables users to restrict data access on multiple attributes right from the UI while sharing the storyboards

Intuitive and flexible UI layer to customize to your needs

Predictive Layer

Augment your analysis of data with machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP) and discover new insights from your data.

Do the root cause analysis with the flexibility to drill down and compare across key features, view, or exclude outliers and features where ever needed.

Advanced analytics such as Forecasting, Regression, Decision trees, and AutoML can uncover hidden insights or patterns in your data.

BIRD is the fastest Big Data analytics platform offering full-stack BI & AI-driven analytics